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Pokémon ORAS Nuzlocke Live 12-Hour Stream (Alpha Sapphire)

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Donations can be made securely here: Donation Tiers: £1 - Name a Pokemon (Will be added to a list) £5 - Stipulate a Pokémon (e.g. Next Pokémon has to be male/female, or certain type) £20 - Revive a dead Pokémon£$50 - Kill a team member (Permanently) NUZLOCKE RULES: -Must catch first Pokémon in each area once Poké Balls are available. If I fail to catch that Pokémon, I cannot catch another. -If a donation has added a stipulation to the next Pokémon, I must catch the first Pokémon that fits the stipulation, not the first encountered. -If a Pokémon...
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