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Tubing Down L.A. River GONE HORRIBLY WRONG!!! **Police Helicopters** (Worlds Most Toxic River)

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LET'S GET 20K LIKES FOR THE BOYS!!! This was insane, floating down the L.A. River on Air Mattresses GONE WRONG!! Police Helicopters came, Sam got water in his mouth, it was all around BAD!!! JOOGSQUAD STORE HATS : SHIRTS : Follow Us Below! Instagram : Twitter : SnapChat : @Joogin10E Facebook : (THE JOOGSQUAD | Merrick : | | EdWiener:| Turner : ) YouTube Channels To Subscribe To!! Turner : EdWiener : FaceBook : 2nd Channel : Twitter : @Joogsquad (MustyCarlos) I can't thank everyone enough,...
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