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Digivolving Spirits 03 Diablomon / Keramon Digimon Review

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Get this figure at the BigBadToyStore! Here's my review of the Digivolving Spirits 03 Diablomon / Keramon from Digimon Our War Game. Or if you grew up in the States, It's Diaboromon from Digimon: The Movie. It's time to kick it up once more SUBSCRIBE! ---Patreon! MORE VIDEOS! -SH Monsterarts Godzilla 2002 Against Mechagodzilla Review: NEXT TIME! -Jobby's fAIL Box 12 (PO Box Unboxing): -Digivolving Spirits 02 MetalGarurumon / Gabumon Review: -Digivolving Spirits 01 WarGreymon / Agumon Digimon Review: SOCIAL MEDIA! ---Facebook: ---Twitter: ---Instagram: ---Tumblr (NSFW): ---Young, Broke, & Bored!...
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