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25 Likes, 0 Comments - Trevor Bachmeyer (@smashwerx) on Instagram: “How to tell if you’ve got a bulging disc in your neck. . Quick note, it’s still not a bad idea to…”

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How to tell if you\u2019ve got a bulging disc in your neck.\n.\nQuick note, it\u2019s still not a bad idea to get evaluated by a competent doc.\n.\nA bulging disc in your neck is not cause for alarm (outside of sequestered ruptures) and A LOT of people have them.\n.\nNeck pain.\nShoulder pain.\nTingling and numbness in the arm and hand.\nShoulder blade pain.\n.\nThe cervical and brachial plexus run a power supply all the way to the tips of the fingers and everything in between.\n.\nWhen there is a bulge, it complicates everything.\n.\nJust as in the lumbar spine, you need to avoid cervical flexion, to prevent the...
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