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Witcher 3 [Rare Dialogue]: What Happens if You Fail the Carnal Sins?

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The Witcher 3 - What happens if Geralt fails to identify the real killer in the Carnal Sins. Reverend Nathaniel vs Hubert. Finding another victim's body in Novigrad and talking to Joachim von Gratz. ➲ Support me on Patreon: ➲ Become a Member: ► Follow me to catch all uploads: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: ► Discord: Special thanks to my YouTube members and Patreon supporters: FairyTaleJedi Tjerra14 Brett LaRose ceoil ChaoticEcho Shadow Eterna Sleepybear Svetlana McAllicher Dylan Martin Darkblaede Harbinger Lepia Pola Chikara Natalya Podrez Pilho Hyun Rodney D Camille Banks k4nd17r33 Skallom
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