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Dev Takes Up G2A On Their 'GENEROUS' Refund Offer - Demands $300k

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Lamon Gamon!!! After G2A's offer of any developer who can come forward who has been affected by stolen keys being sold on G2A, some devs have started coming forward. One has asked for $300,000 in compensation... Laymen Merch!- Ending Song!- SkillUp'S Twitch Channel!- === Ninja Goes Off As Twitch Promotes P&RN On His Old Channel Are 2K Trying To Get Leaking Borderlands 3 Channel Deleted? Multiple DMCA Strikes Suggest Yes 2k Admits To Hiring Private Investigator To Stop Borderlands 3 Leaker! Epic Boss Has A Surprising Response To Inflamatory Ooblets Dev Blog Bethesda's...
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