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OH SHIP! There Goes the ENGINE || Sailing Rangiroa Tuamotu French Polynesia

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Our Tikehau Anchorage has turned to crap and bad weather is coming. So we're sailing to Rangiroa, Tuamotu. Like normal #BOATLIFE things never go as planned. JOIN OUR SAILING CREW ⛵ MORE DEETS on the BLOG post: ⛽Cool electric fuel pump - OUR TOP CAMERA GEAR ???? ???? ???? AWESOME tunes for vids: - Artists: Teo, Giants and Pilgrims (intro), C3NC, & Ziv Moran SUPPORT OUR VIDS ???? GET SOCIAL with us ???? WANT MORE? Check out our SWEET Site: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tikehau is only 45 nautical miles away from Rangiroa but with...
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