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Official Blizz Statement Adds Fuel To PR Inferno - Boycotts, Politicians, Resignations & More

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Lamon Gamon!!! This story is becoming the biggest story we've ever covered. Politicians, Blizzard walk outs and protests have begun following Blizzards recent actions... Displate!!! Laymen Merch!!- Twitch- === Blizzard Sells Out Democracy & Free Speech In Pursuit of Chinese Market Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Is Pretty Good Despite The Re-Hashed Content (Laymen Impressions) Ubisoft's HILARIOUS Response To Macro-Transaction Meltdown (Ghost Recon 76) Joker Is 1000% Genius (The Laymen Review) Ubisoft Puts EA, Activision and Bethesda To Shame With Ghost Recon Breakpoint Activision Calls Crisis Meeting As Pre-Orders Numbers Plummet Bruh, Ghost...
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