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I built a PC with parts from Ali Express yet still I live | Ashens

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I built a PC with parts from Wish - now I'm doing it again, but from Ali Express! Why? Because you* demanded it! It's still a daft idea, though. *Probably not you specifically. Less graphics card fakery this time, but more fail. Non-working parts? Damaged parts? You'll have to watch to find out! Or wait until somebody else tells you, I suppose. Those numbers in full (All in £) Mobo: 17.13 RAM: 8.19 CPU: 3.83 CPU Cooler: 6.50 GFX: 22.65 SSD: 18.13 HDD: 15.58 PSU: 22.08 Case: 44.70 External HDD: 15.16 Total: 173.95 Extra for RAM replacement: 7.99 True total:...
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