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Why You SHOULDN'T Come Back For 8.3 (And Why You Should) & Week One Guide! Visions Of N'zoth

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Welcome back to the Weekly Reset! World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth patch 8.3 is finally HERE! Visions of N'zoth bring allied race Death Knights, playable Vulpera and Mechagnomes, the brand new N'zoth Invasions and Horrific Visions, new Essences, Corrupted gear (and everything that comes with it, the new auction house, the new Corrupted Mythic+ affix, new mounts, pets and BACKPACKS and of course... the great Worm from Beyond! Join us as we check out the good and the bad, and give you our week 1 guide in the Weekly Reset; Taliesin and Evitel's Wondrous Wisdomshow. +++ Wowhead Articles +++...
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