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【Hazbin Hotel Comic Dub】A PRANK TOO FAR (ft Angel Dust and Alastor)

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When Angel Dust's pranks go too far, Alastor cooks up a plan to get him back ... BIG TIME! Comment below if the twist surprised you! Art by: captaineeyore124 Posted with artist permission. Voice talent: Charlie - nekhamo Husker - GroovyAsh Vaggie - Ace Wanna see more? Check out the dubs and animatics below: Angel Dust and Alastor favorite moments from streams | Hazbin Hotel | fan animation Alastor and Angel animatic - Pole Dancing Fat Nuggets ???? || Animatic (Hazbin Hotel) My Roommate Is A Radio Demon - Hazbin Hotel Fan Animatic (ft Angel Dust and Alastor) Angel...
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