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MUST-SEE! ???? CNN Anchor Brianna Keilar Dismantles Trump's ABYSMAL 60 Minutes Interview FAIL!

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Seriously a fan of Brianna Keilar's work -- how she systematically dismantles Donald Trump's ridiculousness and Fox New's groveling and contorting to protect Trump from valid criticisms. This clip is about 15 minutes long so grab a snack and let's dig in. ******************* #60Minutes #BriannaKeilar #Trump #Fox #LeslieStahl Get twice the content with no advertisements. Become a patron! ****************** Download the entire episode: ****************** Leave us a voicemail to air on the show! 857-600-0518. ****************** Please subscribe & share so you don’t miss our upcoming broadcasts. We’ll be bringing live content during the week and live special event...
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