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i buy $500 of *XL* KOREAN STYLE clothes! FAIL! (big boobie girl haul)

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▻ BELIF Moisture Festival Set: Check out @belifusa on Instagram for their weekly miracles running from now until December. It's a great time to give back especially through this rough year! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YESSTYLE CODE: FEI10OFF ▻ HAIR CLIPS: ↬ ▻ Plain Blue Crop Shirt: ↬ ▻ Black Cargo Pants: ↬ ▻ Cute Yellow/Green Crop Ruffle Shirt: ↬ ▻ Mocha Mock Turtle Neck Sweater: ↬ ▻ Knee Rip Jeans: ↬ ▻ Cute Gray Skirt (that didnt fit me lol): ↬ ▻ Gym Shorts: ↬ ** i'm sad these items didnt come cause...
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